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So I watched this music video a few weeks ago when it originally came out. It was strange to watch ARCH ENEMY with out Angela Gossow who has been their lead singer since 2oo0. That’s 14 years of hard work, devotion, and a ton of metal. I’ve seen ARCH ENEMY live many times, and love her to death as their vocalist. I of course wanted to give their new metal front woman Alissa White-Gluz a chance. 

I’m not a super fan of her previous band THE AGONIST but I thought they were a pretty solid band. I have to say that her vocals really don’t compare to that of Angela Gossow. I mean she’s heavy but not ARCH ENEMY heavy if that makes any sense. Angela is an animal on stage and her live performance is beyond killer. I feel that Alissa is just too nice to be real metal. As for this song ‘WAR ETERNAL’.  I think it’s ok  musically but lyrically kind of sucked, and really didn’t take me anywhere. I found it difficult to separate the different parts of the song.  It’s like what’s the chorus, bridge, verse etc. I just didn’t dig it but maybe you will. Check it out and leave your own thoughts on the song and new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz.

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