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Butcher Babies Live Tonight at Skinnys Lounge North Hollywood, CA

Band Bio:
Meet the rebirth of shock rock on the Sunset Strip; the Butcher Babies is one of the most explosive Hollywood metal acts to hit the metropolis of mayhem since Alice Cooper smelt the armpit of Wendy O’ Williams.

These violators of velocity are creating one of the most sought after and anticipated buzzes that the decadent Hollywood music scene has produced in quite some time.
Unlink other female fronted rock bands, you wouldn’t want these girls next door to your house unless you were a fraternity of horny sadomasochists.

These bitches are rude, nasty, mean and they have no problem co-existing in a business that’s predominately run by men. And although they look like supermodels and both have playboy on their resumes, they live by one motto:
“Don’t bring a knife to the gunfight unless you’re willing to sever the finger that pulls the trigger!”

Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

Skinnys Lounge
4923 Lankershim Boulevard
CA 91601-4444
(818) 763-6581

Posted By: Devin Devoor

About the author: I am a dark art artist, musician, music photographer/journalist and model photographer. Social Links: Facebook Twitter Google

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