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‘Fatal Smile’ Brand New Video-Like A Rockstar

fatal smile like a rockstar pic

Check out this brand new video that was released today from the Swedish hard-rock band Fatal Smile-Like A Rockstar. It was Directed by Owe Lingvall of Dreamday Media. Who doesn’t want to party ‘Like A Rockstar’? You can tell that they definitely do in this new video.

Is it ‘Freaky’ enough for you?

Who is Fatal Smile?:

FATAL SMILE is a bunch of kick ass mother fuckers from Stockholm, Sweden.
They all grew up on the wild side and became even wilder when they started to rock the clubs of Scandinavia together and achieved fame and respect.

Band Members:

MR.Y – Guitars
Blade – Vox
Alx – Bass
Philty – Drums

Bleeding out!

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