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Hello fellow metal heads. I was waiting for the Metalliance Tour to arrive in L.A. for awhile now. This was the last stop of the tour featuring HELMET, CROWBAR & SAINT VITUS. It was well worth the wait, although I almost missed crowbar do to my dumbass ordering food last minute upstairs at the House Of Blues on Sunset.

I luckily was able to chow down and get downstairs just in time for the CROWBAR show to start. Walking through the pit with wild munkies slamming away as CROWBAR owned the stage explains it all.  Kirk Windstein on vocals & guitar, Matt Brunson on guitar, Patrick Bruders on bass, and Tommy Buckley on drums made up this army of metal monstrosity.

The energy in the crowd was ridiculous. I mean these were die hard fans who would punch their own mom in the face. It was that fucking amazing, as I watched bodies slam against each other while others were jumping on top of people as if they were a trampoline. Granted the people in the crowd loved that shit, now that’s fucking metal.

CROWBAR ended their set with their new single “The Cemetery Angels” off their new album “Sever The Wicked Hand” now available in stores and on itunes. This song live was fucking heavy. It was so heavy I literaly wanted to slam my face into the ground. With that said please enjoy CROWBARS  music video for their single “The Cemetery Angels”.

The next band to perform was SAINT VITUS one of the first bands in the Doom Metal Genere from L.A., and have been playing since the late 1970’s. Some may confuse their sound with the likes of Stoner Rock, which isn’t all bad considering smoking some good greens and listening to some Doom Metal just makes sense.

As I looked around and saw hundreds of people chanting and singing along with this L.A. Doom Metal band they call SAINT VITUS  it was pretty obvious that they have a pretty big following here in their home city. Fans and friends alike having a blast just like you would at a good ole family gathering.

I’ll be honest, SAINT VITUS isn’t personally my cup of tea, but they rocked hard and put on a great show. I salute you SAINT VITUS!! Check out this music video from 1995 “One Mind” from their album “Die Healing”


Finally HELMET was up next, the crowd was restless as we waited for them to play their first song. With guitars glaring and drums pounding the sound  was fucking amazing. All I could see were heads bobbing around as everyone was in a trance.

Page Hamilton (Vocals/Guitar) had his game face on as he rocked out. I really loved their show and hope to see them live again very soon. If you never heard of the band HELMET I leave you with this music video of theirs for the 1992  single “UNSUNG”

Photo Credit: Silvia Paveri

Review By: Devin Devoor

About the author: I am a dark art artist, musician, music photographer/journalist and model photographer. Social Links: Facebook Twitter Google

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