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Horror: ‘THE BABADOOK’ Movie Trailer 2014


Australian horror thriller ‘THE BABADOOK’ released in 2014. Just saw this trailer for the very first time. Were you ever scared to look under your bed or open your closet door when you were alone at night? Seems a bit ‘Boogeyman-esque’ to me, or maybe his real name is The Babadook.

Story Line:
A single mother living alone with her troubled son has enough problems to deal with. She is constantly plagued by the death of her husband that she cannot seem to let go. To make matters worse, her son finds a book of ‘The Babadook’ and from there everything spirals into terror. Her son fears this monster that is ‘in their home’ and he should. This dark sinister entity is there, and noone can help them.

At this time there is no confirmed release date for the U.S. Be sure to check back as more information about this movie is discovered!

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