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Lightning Swords Of Death Show Review Roxy Theatre Hollywood

Hey there metal heads!  I was on a metal mission this past Saturday May 14,2011 stalking the streets of Sunset Blvd. I made my way down to the Roxy Theatre where Metal Blade Records artist “LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH” were going to perform for a Scion event. When I arrived, there was already a long line of metal heads waiting to get in. The doors were supposed to open at 4pm, but that didn’t happen. Apparently just before “LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH”  opened the show, the power went out. We had to wait outside as back up generators arrived. The crowd outside was restless as they stood out in the sun on a late Saturday afternoon.

Eventually after a brief sound check they started to let the sea of metal heads in the venue. It was hard to see as we entered the Roxy with fog machines blasting at full stead and lights dark, and as black as the metal about to be bestowed upon us. “LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH” took the stage and began their evil rants, as the crowd continued to pile in  and heads were already banging to the sounds of a black metal symphony. I must say although it was hard to see, the live sound was awesome. “LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH” delivered heavily on this show, and made the long wait a worthy one. I give this show two horns up \m/ \m/.

I met up with the band after the show for a quick interview. We discussed satan, hipsters that are into black metal,lifetime tv, and five finger love taps. I will be posting this video interview tomorrow so stay tuned.

Band Links:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.comlightningswordsofdeath
Record Label: http://www.metalblade.com

Check out these live show pics by me Devin Devoor.

Posted By: Devin Devoor

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