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The infamous bathroom death scene of Amy Smart in “Mirrors”. There is nothing for her to do but watch herself die by the hands of an invisible evil. Taking baths will never be the same!

What is Mirrors about?
There is a man is a man who is running away, escaping from something. He then runs into a locker room, where all of the lockers open to show his reflection. To his horror, the room’s largest mirror begins to crack as he approaches it; he desperately apologizes to his reflection therein for running away in hopes of forgiveness, and begins fervently cleaning the mirrors. A piece of the mirror then falls off. Trying to redeem himself, he picks up the shard with the intention of putting it back on the mirror. However, his reflection slowly slashes his own throat, and the man dies, experiencing the effects of his throat being slashed despite not doing it himself. An ex-cop and his family are then the target of an evil force that is using mirrors as a gateway into their home. They must find a way to stop this force or they will succumb to their own doom.

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