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Let me start off by saying that I’ve known some of the og members of this band My Demyze for several years now. I’ve seen them go through changes and grow as a band. I’m not sure exactly how many years it’s been since I’ve seen these guys perform live, but trust me it’s been a minute.

As they started off with their set I already knew what to expect from front man Joe Maselli. Crazy Joe running all over the place like a mad man. I wish more front  men would do this. It gets boring after awhile when the singer just kind of stands in one spot like they have to piss so bad that they can’t fucking move.

We’ve all seen those bands, and this band is not in that category. The drums were bumping and the bass was a thumping ,guitars glaring and vocals steering. Yeah I’m not a rapper so don’t judge me, I just like to rhyme lol. From start to finish these guys gave it their all and I got video to prove it. Yes sir I never leave home without my trusty flip cam. Like previous live videos I’ve posted the audio may be shitty but that’s raw fucking metal for you. No need to edit just post that shit in it’s raw form. Now enjoy some fucking kick ass metal!


Check out these pics courtesy of Silvia Paveri!

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