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New Down EP ‘Down IV – Part Two’ Release Date, New Song, and More!


If you didn’t already know, an announcement on Phil Anselmo’s Official Site yesterday states that his band Down’s  new EP is finally done and ready for release. The current release date is May 13, 2014, and the album title is  Down IV – Part Two. The entire album was tracked at Phil’s home studio and produced by Michael Thompson. Below you will find the first and only album cover art so far. It looks like a dark demented cemetery as you enter the gates of hell, or something of that sort.

Down IV Part Two Album Cover

down album 2014 iv part 2

I’m really digging on this cover. It has a very rustic grungy doom feel to it. It’s not over processed like most metal album covers these days. Just raw and in your face imagery that says it all. I’m looking forward to not only getting this album but a shirt with this bad boy on it. If you want to hear what you should expect from this album then take a listen to the first available track titled ‘We Knew Him Well’.  Quite fitting when you put the song title and mash it with their album cover.

Listen to Track 02 ‘We Knew Him Well’ Song Stream

I have to say that I love this track. This reminds me of what I miss most out of rock and metal through out the years. Growing up in the 80’s this is the true definition of rock and metal. Heavy yet simplified in your face metal. With most bands these days trying to be the fastest metal band with the deepest non recognizable lyrics, this is refreshing. Now that you took a listen what are your thoughts?

 Down IV Part Two Album Track List Song Titles

01. Steeple
02. We Knew Him Well
03. Hogshead/Dogshead
04. Conjure
05. Sufferer’s Years
06. Bacchanalia

So right now the band is offering the song ‘We Knew Him Well’ that you just listened to for FREE when you pre-order their album via iTunes and Amazon. Check out the links below and pre-order your copy today. Also once you download you will get the song ‘We Knew Him Well’ immediately.



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