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Scar The Martyr – New Singer Auditions

scar-the-martyr-vocal-auditions Scar The Martyr have opened up vocal submissions to the public. This is a pretty cool move on the band giving vocalist everywhere a fighting chance to audition for the band. Below is the official post on the Scar The Martyr official facebook page.


As recently mentioned, Scar The Martyr is looking for a new vocalist. Before we make a final decision, we have decided to open up submissions to the public. If you are interested, email your tryout video to stmvocaltryout@stronghq.com. We look forward to seeing and hearing your submissions.

Scar The Martyr


If you plan on auditioning for the band check out a few videos of their songs and good luck!


Scar The Martyr Song Videos


 Dark Ages



 Cruel Ocean



  My Retribution



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