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R.I.P. Seth Putnam Of Anal Cunt Dead At 43

It has been confirmed that lead vocalist of metal band Anal Cunt passed away earlier today from a heart attack. All of this has been confirmed by Publicist Kim Kelly of Catharsis PR. You can see her confirmation message here on her blog http://grimkim.tumblr.com/post/6445001603/yes-its-true-seth-putnam-one-of-the-most and her official twitter http://twitter.com/GrimKim

Seth Edward Putnam (born May 15, 1968 – died June 11, 2011) was the founder of grindcore band Anal Cunt. He was known for his brutal screaming and lyrics that either shock, offend, or invoke morbid humor. Throughout his career, Putnam had been involved in many side projects, including backing vocals on Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill.

Anal Cunt was formed on March 1, 1988 in the city of Newton, Massachusetts, near Boston, by Seth Putnam, who had previously been a member of bands such as Executioner and Satan’s Warriors. The name Anal Cunt came from Seth Putnam’s attempt “to get the most offensive, stupid, dumb, etc name possible”. A common misconception is that the band is named after the song “Anal Cunt” by GG Allin,but in fact Allin’s song was written years after the band had started. The band did however later in their career render tribute to GG Allin by recording a version of “I’ll Slice Your Fucking Throat (If You Fuck With Me)” by him and The Murder Junkies.

In Q Magazine‘s 2005 book The Greatest Rock & Pop Miscellany Ever!, Anal Cunt was included in a list of “25 Band Names That Should Have Stayed On The Drawing Board”. The band was meant as a joke, and was supposed to only record one demo and do one show; however, they are still active as of 2011, despite several brief breakups.

Originally, the band was to produce a form of ‘anti-music’, without rhythm, beats, riffs, lyrics, song titles or any other of the normal features of a band, an approach exemplified by the 5643 Song EP. Anal Cunt was not the first such band Seth Putnam had created; as early as 1980, Putnam formed a noisecore band with his cousin Michael, originally named ‘The Losers’, and then later renamed ‘Noise’. The problem was most of these bands consisted of the same few members, and so Putnam wanted to form a new band with different people.

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