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So we all know the viral video “Techno Viking”, and here is the Heavy Metal Remix. Kind of funny but mostly stupid. I thought the original video wasn’t that funny in the first place. He looks like a meth head on a Viagra trip.

You know that moment when your with your band on tour and your bored as hell. Like the next day after partying hardy and you need a little laugh?

Oh yes we can’t forget that today is good ole 420. I dedicate this gallery of stupid weed smoking pics to all those crazy pot heads out there toking a bowl or 100 today. Smoke hard and eat safe, and most of all don’t be so serious.

Hey Metal Heads guess who has a new metal comedy album out? If you can read then you guessed right “Don Jamieson”. Most of you may know him from VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show’ with his compadres Jim Florentine and Eddie Trunk which is in it’s 7th season. I had the pleasure of interviewing Don… Read more

John Travolta eat your heart out. There’s a new dancing machine in town.

Enjoy Freaks!

This is an intense ugandan hate speech against homosexuals. This guy is dubbed stupid fuck of the day. Sort of funny though.

Enjoy Sick Fucks!

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