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Yesterday Corey Taylor of Slipknot conducted his first interview with radio station 93x in Minneapolis since the announcement of Slipknot parting ways with drummer Joey Jordison Thursday December 12, 2013 on Slipknot’s official site.

Corey Taylor ranting about his hate for cd cases and why metal fans download music versus buying cds. I have to say I can relate to the hate of the cd cases with the plastic wrap, security strips etc. Fucking annoying as fuck, although I don’t personally own a leather cd case but I’m sure… Read More

During STONE SOUR’S Avalanche Tour stop in San Antonio Texas. Corey Taylor frontman of STONE SOUR AND SLIPKNOT performs the song Bother as a dedication to fallen brother Paul Gray (bass player of slipknot). The day of this tour would of been Paul Gray’s 39th birthday. R.I.P. Paul Gray. Posted By: Devin Devoor… Read More

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