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whitechapel band photo

So I finally got a chance to check out Whitechapel’s studio videos for their latest album titled ‘Our Endless War’. The band talks about being together for almost 10 years and this being one of their more difficult albums to write. They put a lot of focus in making this an album that they can… Read More

down album 2014 iv part 2

If you didn’t already know, an announcement on Phil Anselmo’s Official Site yesterday states that his band Down’s  new EP is finally done and ready for release. The current release date is May 13, 2014, and the album title is  Down IV – Part Two. The entire album was tracked at Phil’s home studio and produced… Read More


Check out part 1 of 3 studio trailers of CARNIFEX for updates and the making of their latest 2014 Album titled “Die Without Hope”. Also pre-order your copy today.

culted Oblique to All Paths

Black Metal/Doom band CULTED released their latest album today via Relapse Records titled “Oblique to All Paths” Check out one of their tracks from the new album called “Illuminati”. – See more at: http://metalkills.com/2014/01/21/culted-oblique-to-all-paths-album-out-today-via-relapse-records/#sthash.qEKtf9Ac.dpuf

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