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The 2012 Rockstar Mayhem Festival starts June 30th in San Bernadino, Ca. For more info go to: http://rockstarmayhemfest.com/ Posted By: Devin Devoor… Read more

MetalBladeRecords 2011 Buy Here: http://www.metalblade.com/hateeternal… Read more

Born in Oct, 2010, out of the tearing ends of 5 different groups; Mixi, Pitch Black Razor, Never Like The Movies, Sexual Harassment, and High Risk, members; Mixi, Mikey, Andrew, Nikki, and Dave sowed their seams together to form STITCHED UP HEART. Within one week of agreeing to the project the five moved quickly on… Read more

Unearth’s “Eyes of Black” song from their album “Darkness in the Light”. Order here: http://www.darknessinthelightalbum.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/unearthofficial… Read more

Hey metal heads!!!! While covering the Hed 2 Head tour featuring Hed PE and Mushroomhead last Saturday at The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. April 16, 2011. I saw this killer metal band BETTER LEFT UNSAID. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to record any live footage of their performance. However I did… Read more

CEREBELLION opened up for TAPROOT at The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. April 14,2011. They did when hell of a job and the crowds reactions proved it. As I looked around the crowd and saw how many people were wearing CEREBELLION shirts it was pretty obvoious that they brought their army with them. Their… Read more

Band: BEYOND CREATION (Montréal) Song: Omnipresent Perception Album: The Aura (March 8th 2011) Follow on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/beyondcreationofficial… Read more

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