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of mice and men pain song

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dream theater the looking glass video

Watch ‘the looking glass’ metal video by veteran metal heads Dream Theater off their most recent album “Dream Theater” now available but released September 2013. Song lyrics for ‘the looking glass’ is also included in this post and a few european tour dates for February 2014.




Brand new “BEHEMOTH” lyric video for the song “ORA PRO NOBIS LUCIFER” off their album “THE SATANIST” 2014


Full live concert video of GOJIRA performing at Hellfest 2013. They are amazing live and you get to see it for your self right here. Also included is the full set list of this show.


LAMB OF GOD Partners with Specticast for Worldwide Distribution of “As The Palaces Burn” Feature Film  LAMB OF GOD is pleased to announce that they have entered in to a worldwide distribution deal with Specticast (Led Zeppelin Celebration Day, Paul McCartney Rock Show) for their Don Argott (Last Days Here, Art of the Steal, School… Read More

New album LIVE BY THE CODE available on Victory Records – 4/9/13 Track Listing: 1. The Most High 2. Not Impressed 3. Cold Truth 4. I’m Only Stronger 5. Live By the Code 6. The Good Die Young 7. Shot of Reality 8. Hard Lessons 9. Invasion 10. Nothing in Your Head 11. One Blood… Read More

This is one of the most epic Woodstock 99 perfomances in my opinion. Wish I was there in person. Unfortunately I wasn’t but either way just that massive wave of people on their first song “Blind” is beyond words. I think any band can agree with me on that one. This was one hell of… Read More

Lyrics: “You’re Insane” I’ll take you back to the beginning I was awoken in screams The day that I realized There was a devil in me Who gives a fuck If I’m a sinner Can see by the flames you know I’m like A little conception inside We started Broken hearted Falling apart at the… Read More

Lyrics: One last time! We’re back again, you know we’re not fucking around Got a bottle of jack in our hands You tryna’ keep up kid? Let’s see who hits the ground We’ve drank the drinks We’ve done the drugs Clearly we don’t remember We’ve come so far We’ve shown them all Without us you’d… Read More

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