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Mushroomhead Qwerty Music Video Picture

Metal music video Qwerty by Mushroomhead is dark, creepy, and sinister to say the least. It has a dark decayed feeling like the mind of a serial killer in a freakshow.


I AM WAR UNINVITE ME FROM YOUR FACEBOOK PARTY music video. Featuring ex vocalist of Atreyu and Bleeding Through.


Bury Tomorrow released the music video ‘Man On Fire’ on February 24, 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. ‘Man On Fire’ is off their album ‘Runes’ available in stores now. Also included are the song lyrics and links to download and buy Bury Tomorrow’s album ‘Runes’ now via iTunes if you dig the music.


So I watched this music video a few weeks ago when it originally came out. It was strange to watch ARCH ENEMY with out Angela Gossow who has been their lead singer since 2oo0. That’s 14 years of hard work, devotion, and a ton of metal. I’ve seen ARCH ENEMY live many times, and love… Read More

starkill music video sword spear blood fire

New music video by Starkill off their 2013 album , ‘Fires Of Life’ called ‘Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire. I have to say I did like the actual song.  The video it self is a very typical let’s throw a music video together just to have one with little to no true concept or vision for the… Read More

devil you know band promo photo

Devil You Know featuring ex-vocalist of Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones, Francesco Artusato guitarist of “All Shall Perish” performed live for the very first time in Anaheim, CA. at Chain Reaction Saturday FEb. 15, 2014.


Phil Anselmo’s latest interview where he talks about his solo project Phillip H. Anselmo, Illegals, Pantera, and his personal highlights of performing at metal masters this year 2014.


So we all know the viral video “Techno Viking”, and here is the Heavy Metal Remix. Kind of funny but mostly stupid. I thought the original video wasn’t that funny in the first place. He looks like a meth head on a Viagra trip.


Watch this Trivium Metal Video for the song “Strife”. This post also includes the lyrics so you can follow along for a full metal experience.

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