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So we all know the viral video “Techno Viking”, and here is the Heavy Metal Remix. Kind of funny but mostly stupid. I thought the original video wasn’t that funny in the first place. He looks like a meth head on a Viagra trip.

You know that moment when your with your band on tour and your bored as hell. Like the next day after partying hardy and you need a little laugh?

Now this guy is hilarious. He tries over and over again to keep his balance and buy more booze but just can’t do it. Fall after fall after fall this guy is a Drunk Fail! Pop open a beer or your favorite Friday poison and enjoy this stupid video. Also in honor of all us… Read more

Stagediving can be at bitch.

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50 Cent dissing Fat Joe in this funny, yet stupid video.

A few dumb asses deciding to start a drunk fight during a kick ass Slayer show.

This ginger kid got knocked the fuck out. What ever happened to a real mosh pit anyways? All these hardcore kids need to stay away from the speed and smoke some fucking weed. Swinging around like monkeys and shit, I would knock them out too.

Enjoy Freaks!

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