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Taproot Show Review At Key Club Hollywood, CA.

Hey Metal Heads! I got a chance to meet up with TAPROOT once again at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. last Wednesday 04/27/11. I met up with  TAPROOT guitarist Mike DeWolf for a quick interview and update on their current U.S. tour. I will be posting that video interview shortly.

So after a short 18 hour journey on the road from Washington to Hollywood, the boys were back in good ole Hollywood. Lucky for them they got there just the day before the show, giving them some chill time with friends and to rest up for the big show. As usual TAPROOT started off their set with a bang playing “SMILE”. The audience was loving it as they started to slam their heads in unison.

Towards the middle of their set they played one of my favorite “TAPROOT” tunes “CALLING”. I was amazed at how bad ass they are while performing this song live. While performing the song “MINE” live, vocalist Stephen Richards hands the mic over to a fan and let’s him sing a good portion of the song. Now that was fucking bad ass! The fan may have not been in tune and all; but it didn’t even matter.

TAPROOT also played one of their newer songs titled “Release Me” off their new album “Plead The Fifth”. They ended their set with one of my other favorite songs “Again and Again”. They did not only play it, they fucking killed it. I will be posting some live video footage later this week so you can witness the madness, so stay tuned.” All in all this was another awesome show by TAPROOT. I give this show two horns up \m/ \m/.

Band Links:
Website: http://www.taprootmusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TaprootMusic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/FollowTaproot
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/taproot

Check out some live show photos by Silvia Paveri.

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