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Thrown Into Exile – Not Alone – Audio Video & Lyrics – Release Date 4/2/13

thrown-into-exileTake a listen to the single “Not Alone” off Thrown Into Exile’s debut ep due to be released tomorrow April 2, 2013. If you like what you hear then check out this years Rockstar Mayhem Festival Tour Dates right here and watch these guys tear it up on stage.

On April 2nd, Los Angeles metallurgists Thrown Into Exile unleash their debut four song EP (via TuneCore and iTunes) on Thrown Into Exile Records. At long last, Thrown Into Exile are giving the metal world a taste of what their hometown fans already know. In just under a year, they’ve been decimating crowds and upping the ante for all area metal bands. They’ve been receiving daily play on Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal for the EP track “Not Alone” which is sure to set the stage for Thrown Into Exile’s acceptance into metal’s mainstream.

Thrown Into Exile have already appeared on last years Rockstar Mayhem Festival and Summer Slaughter tours as well as key opening slots with the likes of Fear Factory, Sepultura, Morbid Angel and Testament. They also appeared on 2012’s California Metal Fest alongside Asking Alexandria and Killswitch Engage.

Produced by Michael Spreitzer of Devil Driver and Mixed & Mastered by Chris Clancy of Mutiny Within.


I wasn’t around but they tried to convict me,
So many time’s I’ve found inside is so empty,
They came into my house and tried to commit me,
A life that you never owned inside of a broken home,
They will never take it from me,

Your trying to break me,
I’m trying to let you know,
I’ve been trying to let this one go,

Gave you everything I had so how could you blame me,
Through the good and the bad, the bright and the ugly,
I’ll bury these lies, with the memories you left me,
What you don’t know, you ain’t ever gonna get me,

I’ve never seen this before, you are not alone,

Your trying to break me,
I’m trying to let you know,
I’ve been trying to let this one go,

You gave everything away, you left with nothing else to say, you gave everything away, time will mend this heart today,

Is this the last I remember,
The sky was red with burning embers,
Struggle with the place inside of you,
Such a pretty face that I knew,

I’ve never seen this before,
You are not alone,
We are in this together now,
Fall into the unknown,

You gave everything away,
You are not alone,
We, are in this, together now,

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