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Toxic Holocaust Metal Video “Agony of the Damned” Lyric Video

“From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction” is the name of the new Toxic Holocaust album set for North America release April 2, 2013.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Intro”
2. “Metal Attack” (from Death Master) 3:37
3. “Deathmaster” (from Death Master) 3:12
4. “Created To Kill” (from Outbreak of Evil) 2:05
5. “Ready To Fight” (from Hell on Earth) 3:52
6. “Arise From The Cemetery” (from Hell on Earth) 3:01
7. “Thrashing Death” (from Hell on Earth) 2:38
8. “Send Them To Hell” (from Hell on Earth) 3:07
9. “Never Stop The Massacre” (from Hell on Earth) 1:25
10. “Army Of One” (from Don’t Burn the Witch…) 3:03
11. “Death Camp” (from Hell on Earth) 3:04
12. “Reaper’s Grave” (from Reaper’s Grave EP) 1:36
13. “Death Brings Death” (from Reaper’s Grave EP) 1:58
14. “In The Name Of Science” (from An Overdose of Death…) 3:24
15. “Nuke The Cross” (from An Overdose of Death…) 2:48
16. “Suicide Eye” (from Gravelord) 1:42
17. “666” (from Evil Never Dies) 2:08
18. “Bitch” (from Conjure and Command) 2:49
19. “Agony Of The Damned” (from Conjure and Command) 3:59
20. “A.T.O.M.I.C.” (from Toxic Holocaust / Midnight) 2:18
21. “We Bring ‘Em Hell” (from Toxic Waste) 1:29
22. “Altar-ed States” (from Toxic Waste) 2:27

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