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Want Mastodon’s Black Tongue Beer?

mastodon black tongue beer logo

If you didn’t already see this a few months back. Signature Brew created Mastodon’s very own beer called Black Tongue Beer. Now it’s not just any ordinary beer, it’s  an 8.3% Double IPA. Wondering why I’m just posting this now? It’s because I am mighty thirsty for some cold beer here in hot ass Arizona. Not to mention I love the band Mastodon so of course I would drink their beer. Now I went to the site where you can buy this stuff and they are sold out. I’m hoping they will continue to make this available, or at least make a small batch that I can buy and own before they stop making it. Check out the official site here  at Signature Brew and if you happen to see it available I want to know so I can order it.

mastodon band promo group picture

Mastodon’s Black Tongue Beer Promo Video



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