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We Are The Riot Show Review At House of Blues Hollywood, CA.

L.A. Post Punk Band “We Are The Riot” is on a mission and taking no prisoners in the process.  Although a brand new band, each member has paid their share of dues in the music scene. Miguel “Meegs” Rascon (Guitar) and Mikal “Mikey” Cox (Drums) of “Coal Chamber” are no strangers to putting in the hard work, and getting to the next level.

“We Are The Riot” vibes very well as a band on and off the stage, which sometimes is the determining factor of a bands success or failure. They all seem to be on the same page musically, and want to achieve a common goal. I had the pleasure of interviewing “We Are The Riot” Last Monday before they opened up for “Steel Panther” at the House of blues in Hollywood, CA. I will be posting the interview up tomorrow, so stay tuned.

As the curtain went up and “We Are The Riot” took on the stage, the crowd was next to full. With people still creeping in, they were all in for a little treat. This band has a great stage presence and great unified look to match.  Mikal “Mikey “ Cox’s hard hitting on the drums helped lead the way, while “Andy Cole’s” driving Bass lines aligned the wall of attack.

Miguel “Meegs” Rascon and “Cheyne Fritts” were in the front lines taking each person in the audience out with their vicious guitar riffs. Last but surely not least “Jonny Sculls Flanagan” on lead vocals completed the mayhem with an overlay of sonic tones and raw rock attitude. Over all this band is amazing live, and i give their show 2 horns up \m/ \m/.

Band Links:
Website: http://www.wearetheriot.net
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WeAreTheRiot

Check out their intro video below and stay tuned to my one on one interview with “We Are The Riot” to post live tomorrow.

Check out these live show pictures courtesy of Silvia Paveri.

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