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Whitechapel “Our Endless War” Studio Videos

whitechapel band photo

So I finally got a chance to check out Whitechapel’s studio videos for their latest album titled ‘Our Endless War’. The band talks about being together for almost 10 years and this being one of their more difficult albums to write. They put a lot of focus in making this an album that they can look back at and be proud of. Writing on the road was one of the main obstacles they had in front of them with time lines in play for the album to get done. Check out both videos below to see what it was like writing ‘Our Endless War’ on and off the road in the words of the band members of Whitechapel.

Our Endless War Studio Video – Part 1

Our Endless War Studio Video – Part 2

Our Endless War Album Cover

whitechapel our endless war album cover

Our Endless War track list

01. Rise
02. Our Endless War
03. The Saw is the Law
04. Mono
05. Let Me Burn
06. Worship the Digital Age
07. How Times Have Changed
08. Psychopathy
09. Blacked Out
10. Diggs Road
11. A Process So Familiar (Bonus Track)
12. Fall of the Hypocrites (Bonus Track)

Track 4 ‘Mono’ Full Song

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