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Whitechapel Phil Bozeman Studio Video

whitechapel band photo

This  is the 3rd studio video for Whitechapel’s latest album Our Endless War. The video show cases lead singer Phil Bozeman as he tracks vocals. He talks about recording an album in the winter and how it was rough on his voice. Mark Lewis  produced Our Endless War and  was a huge part of the finished product. Mark gave  Phil Bozeman constructive criticism on every track to push him to the limit.


This time around Phil Bozeman went for a more real approach to vocals on his screams,  with raw emotion and passion. He tried not to think too much about his vocals being as low and brutal as they can be, as most bands do. This is the happiest that vocalist Phil Bozeman has been with any album lyrically that he’s done so far.


The goal is that their fans will be able to relate and connect  a little better with the lyrical content and meaning of their songs. Phil Bozeman talks about  his mother and father passing during his early teens and thoughts of suicide and negativity in his life. He basically lets everything out without holding back and so far from what I’ve heard  on this album, they nailed it.



Whitechapel Our Endless War Studio Videos

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