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Wovenwar All Rise

Wovenwar All Rise song was finally released this morning. With much anticipation to hear how this new lineup which includes all remaining members of the band As I Lay Dying minus Tim Lambesis of course and  Shane Blay which was the lead guitarist/clean vocals in Oh, Sleeper. After listening to ‘All Rise’ about 5 times now, I have to say that I really like it. I was really hoping for some aggression or screaming on certain parts of the song but didn’t’ get it.


I think Shane Blay has a great singing voice but with the addition of some screaming on certain parts I think that will really make their songs well rounded. I would say for now they song like a mix of As I Lay Dying meets Trivium minus the screaming which isn’t a bad thing. Either way it’s a great song and I look forward to hearing the full album and the bands success.


Wovenwar All Rise Audio Video



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