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So I watched this music video a few weeks ago when it originally came out. It was strange to watch ARCH ENEMY with out Angela Gossow who has been their lead singer since 2oo0. That’s 14 years of hard work, devotion, and a ton of metal. I’ve seen ARCH ENEMY live many times, and love… Read More

Dave Brockie Gwar 1963-2014 photo

GWAR just released a new video statement in regards to the death of their friend and band mate Dave Brockie who died just last month. I’m really glad to see them create a charity that will give back to the art and music community. Watch the video and read the statement below. R.I.P. Dave Brockie… Read More

mastodon band promo group picture

If you didn’t already see this a few months back. Signature Brew created Mastodon’s very own beer called Black Tongue Beer. Now it’s not just any ordinary beer, it’s  an 8.3% Double IPA. Wondering why I’m just posting this now? It’s because I am mighty thirsty for some cold beer here in hot ass Arizona… Read More

five finger death punch band promo picture

According to Metal Hammer’s recent interview with Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory, 5FDP have been working on new material while on the road and during off time. They released 2 albums in a row within a very short period of time which would make one think that they would be too busy touring… Read More

starkill music video sword spear blood fire

New music video by Starkill off their 2013 album , ‘Fires Of Life’ called ‘Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire. I have to say I did like the actual song.  The video it self is a very typical let’s throw a music video together just to have one with little to no true concept or vision for the… Read More

whitechapel band photo

So I finally got a chance to check out Whitechapel’s studio videos for their latest album titled ‘Our Endless War’. The band talks about being together for almost 10 years and this being one of their more difficult albums to write. They put a lot of focus in making this an album that they can… Read More

battlecross metal band photo 2014

Battlecross Co-Headlines with Huntress in Europe and some other European festivals. The tour dates were just announced via Metalblade Records Facebook. Oh how bad ass would it be to go on tour in Europe with these two bad ass metal bands? I would have to say beyond friggen cool. If you happen to be in… Read More


Here’s the music video ‘Terror Hungry’ off the Lost Society titled album ‘Terror Hungry’. Ok so at first I was like wtf cause their music video reminded me of  iwrestledabearonce video ‘Boat Paddle’ that came out a few months back. It’s mainly the friggen zentai suits. Once the music kicked in it was pretty bad… Read More


If you are an avid youtuber I’m sure you’ve came across a few videos of metal drum covers done by Meytal. Here’s her latest video for Bring Me The Horizon’s song Shadow Moses. I think she’s a decent drummer, but the only thing that bugs me in every one of her videos is that she… Read More

down album 2014 iv part 2

If you didn’t already know, an announcement on Phil Anselmo’s Official Site yesterday states that his band Down’s  new EP is finally done and ready for release. The current release date is May 13, 2014, and the album title is  Down IV – Part Two. The entire album was tracked at Phil’s home studio and produced… Read More

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